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Why we’re different

People choose to work with us because of our knowledge, professionalism, commitment and passion.

We believe in who we act for, what we do and how we do it. Our confidence – that we can help our clients achieve their vision – gets results.

A number of key beliefs and solutions make us different:

We believe that to attract high quality talent at senior levels in the legal sector, a proactive and targeted approach is the ONLY approach
The typical recruitment process adopted by many organisations still today relies on luck, hope and guesswork. We remove all three. We provide data and research that reflect the ‘whole’ of your potential target demographic, coupled with industry insights. And we have a powerful process that leads to informed strategic hiring decisions. To date, we have delivered every challenge we’ve been retained for: 100% success rate.

We believe that once we’ve accepted an assignment, we should be as committed to it as our client is
We’ll work closely with you to develop the necessary depth of knowledge and passion for your vision – so closely, in fact, that you’ll come to view us as an integral part of your business. This commitment gives us a unique edge: your goal becomes our goal.

We believe there’s no ‘impossible’ when it comes to search
We’ve been mandated on some of the most challenging searches around the world. And we’ve always delivered.

We believe that adding value and getting results starts with listening and tailoring
Most recruitment companies adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, that doesn’t reflect the idiosyncrasies and attributes of each individual client. Our consultative flexible approach means we provide the best solution for you, and you alone. Each project is managed by one director, from start to finish. We’re known for developing a thorough understanding of our clients’ business, and for being passionate about the projects we undertake.

We believe in limiting who we work for
We don’t act for clients that have conflicting interests or strategies. Lawyers deal carefully with conflicts daily, and so do we. We act for a limited pool of clients, with whom we have longstanding relationships. Every client relationship is a long-term strategic decision for our business. This encourages repeat business and engenders trust.

The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little bit EXTRA
Acting as advocates for our clients in the market, we constantly aim to add value and regularly act as intermediaries. As a result, we can help your business grow directly, by helping you network with our industry contacts and assisting you in leveraging work.