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At the end of each year, we allocate a proportion of our profits to UNESCO. Supporting us supports them.

One of the most fulfilling aspects of our business is that we get to help people – often to make a leap they never expected. But we also believe that businesses should give back to the wider community. With our work focusing on the legal profession, it’s a reality that the people on our sector have had the privilege of entering the profession because they have had access to the necessary education. Therefore. Whilst we support various charities, events and emergency relief funds, UNESCO is where the majority of our donations go.

UNESCO’s mission has been to contribute to the building of peace, poverty eradication, lasting development and intercultural dialogue, with education as one of its principle activities to achieve this aim. The organisation is committed to a holistic and humanistic vision of quality education worldwide, the realisation of everyone’s right to education, and the belief that education plays a fundamental role in human, social and economic development.