We have three guiding principles: Drive, Align, Embed.


Drive represents our belief: human capital is key to business growth and success. We don’t see our contribution as being solely about sourcing talented people. It’s also about helping law firms and corporations assess, analyse and maximize their growth plans - to grow and succeed through people. We won’t accept an assignment unless we are absolutely sure that we can fill it successfully.

Align reflects our passion and commitment to making sure every individual and every client and opportunity are a perfect fit. While we approach each hire from both sides – client and individual – we do so through one advisor and project manager. This maintains consistency and simplicity in the processand has ensured we maintain our 100% success rate.

Embed encapsulates the extra mile we go after the ‘placement’. Critical to ensuring everyone’s success, this involves services such as month-to-month executive coaching for individuals, and reputation and business development for organisations.