How we work

As a boutique, our team is small but highly experienced and focused. Most individuals we work with opt to deal with one advisor from start to finish, no matter which jurisdictions they’re leaving and going to.

What can you expect from us? Firstly, we’ll listen, and take the time to get to know you. We can’t add real value, or provide specific tailored advice, until we know exactly what drives you and what’s driven your historical career choices to date.

We’ll arm you with relevant information to help you narrow down your options, and we will be honest. We have no agenda other than helping you. We can inform you about options you may not have considered, both locally and globally, and support you in reaching your end goal step-by-step – from putting together a CV through to a business plan, and supporting you through to resignation and start date.

We also appreciate that career choices aren’t made in isolation. There are often personal as well as professional factors, especially with a move overseas. Our consultants have themselves experienced international relocations, and have detailed knowledge not only of a legal market, but also what it’s like to make the move, with or without a family.

Most of all, we know we can’t get to know you via a CV or LinkedIn profile. And we won’t try to. Instead, please contact us for a confidential conversation, or to arrange a meeting.